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Referral Letter

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OUR MINISTRY: The Learning Connection (TLC) is a Christ-centered home school support group ministering to families in Northwest New Jersey. TLC desires to see parents rediscover their God-given role to educate their children. Our vision would be that through the practical application of God's word and prayer, we would heed His instruction in loving, educating, and equipping our children to the fullest extent of their abilities. TLC believes that God has given parents the primary responsibility to raise and educate their children. Therefore, TLC seeks to encourage and assist the parent in this calling through the variety of ways that its individual members enable the group.

Your time and assistance is most appreciated.

A prospective teacher at TLC has requested that you help them complete a ministry application in order to be approved as a primary teacher at TLC. This reference letter will remain confidential.



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Applicant's Name (teacher)

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Referent's Name

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Referent's Church Address


How can we contact you if necessary?

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Daytime Phone number


Please answer the following questions as completely as possible

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How long have you known the applicant?  How did you come to meet?

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In what capacity or in what ministries have you interacted with the applicant?  Was there any preparation needed for this ministry?

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What specific responsibilities did the applicant have during your experiences with them?

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How would you describe their general character and attitude in ministry?

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Describe how the applicant interacted with others in the experiences you have shared.  (Did their service include being an administrator, a coordinator, a helper, etc.?)

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How well did the applicant work with others in those experiences? Describe any particular situation(s) that brought out the applicant’s gifts more than others.

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Was reliability ever an issue?

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Is there anything else you would like to add in support of the applicant’s desire to teach at TLC?