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Ministry Application

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To ensure your privacy, ministry application information is kept confidential. 

Also, please provide us with a letter of recommendation from either your pastor or an elder in your church.  You can send the following link to this person or have them to to www.mytlcnj.com and find the Referral link at the top of the public page.


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Please list any other names you have used and the dates if any were legally changed. (marriage, etc.)  Please type n/a if not applicable.

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Please include a short salvation testimony


If filling out this form for an administration position, please tell me what position you are applying for.  The numbers after the position is how many people are needed for this position

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This application is for a teacher Nursery Administrator
Financial Administrator Registration Administrator
Calendar Administrator BoxTop Administrator
Advisory Board

If filling this out for an administration position, please tell me why you would be good for this position (i.e. gifts, talents, etc.)

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Please provide a biography of yourself.  This does not have to be long.  smiley


As a teacher of The Learning Connection, I will not teach any other doctrine that conflicts with the Statement of Faith.  Though my personal beliefs and convictions may differ from this statement, I will agree to comply.

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